We Are the Center for Neurological Research

The Center for Neurological Research, founded by Fort Wayne Neurological Center, is a privately owned research facility. With over 25 years of research history, our center is deeply invested in creating life-changing outcomes for our patients. We have seen the consistent benefits to our patients’ by participating in clinical research trials at our neurological center. We are committed to unequaled service through the entire continuum of a patient’s care from evaluation to diagnosis to treatment options.


Our state-of-the-art facilities are conveniently adjoined to Lutheran Hospital. We offer infusions, EEGs, and EMGs on-site.


Our mission is to provide the most advanced, comprehensive and quality care in neurological research. We are committed to unequaled service through the entire continuum of a patient’s care.


Our passionate team of over 100 employees includes neurologists, nurse practitioners and research coordinators who are committed to the highest standards of patient care.


Are you, or a loved one, suffering from a neurological disorder? Our neurologists specialize in everything from Alzheimer’s to Narcolepsy, and are relentless in pursuing our patient’s health and well-being. Clinical research trials can fundamentally change the progress of your neurological condition and will give you access to the treatments that are not yet available to the public.


Partner with us in bringing hope to patients with neurological conditions. Our skilled physicians and research team have partnered with numerous organizations for over 25 years and have seen excellent results. Our experience ensures that every clinical trial is performed safely and effectively which advances the progress of neurological therapies into the hands of patients globally.

Interested in Enrolling in a Clinical Research Study?

Our neurologists offer the latest clinical trials and neurological studies. Browse our active and currently enrolling clinical studies and find out how we can assist you.